First Time Buyer

Government Programs for Home Buyers

Now is the perfect time for First Time Home Buyers in San Diego to take advantage of this momentary opportunity in the Real Estate market.

We can help you maximize affordability by being connected with loan officers who are knowledgeable about every one of the first time home buyer and Government programs that are available to help home buyers find affordable San Diego housing.

Why is now the perfect time?

  • Interest rates are at an almost historical low!
  • The VA loan in San Diego can now be used to purchase a home with no down payment up to $649,750. With Calhfa assistance for the down payment you can finance a home with no money down(restrictions apply).
  • The MCC federal tax credit programs can give you a savings of up to 20% on the interest from your mortgage for the life of your mortgage(restrictions apply).

Home Buyer tax credit in San Diego

For more information about how to take advantage of these programs before time runs out, complete the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.