Losing your home to foreclosure? We can Help

Are you in danger of losing your home?
Having trouble making your payments?
Owe more than your home is worth?
We can help….

What is a short sale?
A short sale is a situation where a homeowner is faced with a having to sell a home in which the value has fallen below the amount of money owed on the home. To successfully conclude the short sale process the owner’s lender must approve the sale.

How can a short sale help me?
For many homeowners, a short sale can be a better option than a foreclosure. However it is not the right option for everyone, and the appropriate professionals should be consulted with before the process.

How do you make sure our short sale is successful?
Our first step is a consultation with you so you know what your options are and can make an educated decision about what the best course of action is.
Our second step is to get your home sold as quickly as possible so you don’t have the headaches of having your home on the market. We should be able to get you a good offer on your home within 7 days of coming on the market.

How much will a short sale cost me?
The bank will pay the REALTOR® fees as part of the short sale, so our help won’t cost you anything. Beware of companies that charge upfront fees, they may do that because they don’t expect the short sale to be successful

Why should we hire you to sell our home?
Our office has assisted more than 100 buyers and sellers in successfully completing a short sale transaction in the last year.
Your home will be exposed to thousands of buyers in the first week so you can get the process started quickly and finished as painlessly as possible.

If you have additional questions contact us now for a free confidential consultation, so we can help you determine your best options and formulate a strategy that will ensure the best outcome possible. You can rest assured your information and situation will be kept confidential and treated with the utmost discretion.