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Once you have decided that you are ready to sell your home we can begin the process that will lead to your success in obtaining the price that reflects the highest market value of your home in the time that best meets your needs and financial situation. These steps will take the guesswork out of your home selling experience ensuring that there are no nasty surprises, and allow you to retain as much of your hard earned equity as possible.

1. Exposure is Key
One of the key factors that will get your home sold quickly and for the price you want is exposure. The more potential buyers that are exposed to your home the more likely it is that one of these San Diego home buyers will want your home. With our strong Internet presence and the strength of our marketing systems, HomeSniffer has a steady supply of home buyers. The more qualified home buyers that look at your home, the faster it will sell and for a more money. has exclusive strategies that will get maximum exposure and maximum dollar for your San Diego home.

2. Interviewing an agent –
Having a consultation with a REALTOR® is imperative to creating the optimal outcome for your home sale. During this consultation, the agent should speak to you in depth about what your goals are with the sale of your home, what your financial situation is, and how much you will net from the sale of your home. In addition to talking about what your goals and needs your REALTOR® should take some time educating you about the selling process so you know what to expect and educating you about what is currently going on in the market so you have the power to make educated decisions. Without this consultation, it is nearly impossible to ensure a smooth process and get the most money for your home.

3. Correct Pricing
WARNING!!! Price is a key factor in selling your home. The longer your home takes to sell the less money you will get for it. will provide you with a Market Analysis of your San Diego home or condo that is accurate, thoroughly researched, and up to date. There is no obligation for this free service and because HomeSniffer only lists homes for sale that meet our strict criteria you know that we will not over or under price your home just to take the listing.

4. Appearance
How your home makes a buyer feel when they walk in is a key factor in getting the price that you want for your home. If your home is bright, uncluttered, and smells nice home buyers will remember that it felt nice in your home. To ensure that your home appeals to buyers we will provide you with a free Interior Decorator consultation when you list your home with us.

5. Availability –
In today’s market, it is definitely to your advantage to make sure as many buyers as possible can see your home, this will help to ensure that you receive multiple offers from buyers who a scared they may lose out on your home to another buyer. If you get more than one offer this will also give you the certainty that you are receiving the highest price that the market will bear for your home. By making sure that prospective buyers have easy access to your home and that they can see it undisturbed you will increase your chances of getting good offers.

6. The Escrow Process –
Once you have accepted an offer the escrow process will begin. In most cases, this will be a 30 day period, depending on what was negotiated in the offer to purchase. This timeline will consist of the buyers investigational period during which you will provide them with disclosures and access to the home, as well as all information the seller is responsible for providing so that they can determine that there are no issues that would deter them from completing the purchase of your home. During the first 17 days of the escrow period, they will also be going through the loan approval process and providing any additional documentation the lender needs to approve the loan. Once their loan is approved and they have accepted all matters affecting the home, the lender will issue loan documents (which is their formal agreement with the lender as to the terms of their mortgage). Once they have signed the loan documents they will go back to the lender for review and if everything is correct they will fund the loan and the buyer will be recorded as the new owner of the home within a few days. Please keep in mind that this is a simplification of the process and there are many more details that occur in the timelines that your REALTOR® will guide you through.

If you would like more information about selling a home in San Diego and how we can ensure that you get top dollar for your home by having multiple offers fill out the form below completely and we will provide you with information that is sure to make your home sale a success.